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Second Grader Takes a Good Look At What Plastic Bags Do To This Earth…. and doesn’t like what she is seeing

BagBan_iStock_000004816308Small7 year old JaneMarie, a second grader in Blind Brook NY just found some plastic flying around her front yard. Running outside in her slippers, catching the plastic, she saw yet another plastic bag hanging in the tree, way outside her reach.  It made her very sad. She had learned in her school, that adopted the We Future Cycle recycling program about how important it is to keep our environment clean and she is ready to do her part.

imagesAmericans are  using over 100 billion single use plastic bags per year and someone calculated that once down to 857 per minute in Westchester County. A tremendous number with a very sad number of a less then 1% recycled.

images (2)The environmental foot print of plastic bags is enormous. They clog up rivers and sewers, they photo degrade into smaller plastic pieces and are mistaken for food by animals.  A great variety of animals, land and especially marine, can choke to death on bags, experiencing much pain and distress. If swallowed whole, animals may not be able to digest real food and die a slow death from starvation or infection.

The amount of floating plastics in the world’s oceans is increasing dramatically. The Pacific Trash Vortex is a ‘gyre’ or vortex of marine litter in the North Pacific Ocean. The vortex is characterised by exceptionally high concentrations of suspended plastics, such as plastic bags, bottles, containers and other debris, that have been trapped by currents. It is now estimated to be twice the size of Texas. Its impact on marine ecosystems is catastrophic due to its toxic nature and threat to marine life.

The convenience of people to use single use plastic bags puts a staggering economic burden on society.

Communities spent millions on litter mitigation and  flood mitigation, the environmental foot print is huge from the manufacturing to the disposal, all because of  short term convenience.

Westchester County is working on legislation to deal with this problem. Some communities have taken the solution already into their hands. Hastings, Mamaroneck, Rye are leaders that education and legislative support can teach community that convenience may not always be for the greater good.




Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker Introduces Limited-Use Plastic Bag Legislation

We Future Cycle is proud to support Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker in her announcement to introduce a bill to limit the use of plastic bags and styrofoam containers by retail businesses in the county.  She was joined by Legislators Catherine Borgia, Maryjane Shimsky, and Pete Harckham, who are co-sponsoring the bill, as well as Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson and Girl Scout Cadette Katie Yacoub, who is doing a plastic bag project in Eastchester.   Read the full article on the New Rochelle Patch

Photos courtesy of John Filiberti.

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Mothering Mother Reinvents Produce Bags, An Extension To On-Going Plastic Bag Ban Efforts


Over 50,000 communities world wide have woken up to the fact that single use plastic bags are BAD!

Bad for the environment, bad for the municipalities, bad for the tax payers.

They never biodegrade, they clog up sewer systems, they hang decoratively from trees, they get into our food chain, they kill animals,  and there are thousands more reasons why they are bad.

However most single use plastic ban legislation does not cover the plastic produce bags that are commonly used to package produce.

Unfortunately these plastic produce bags are often mistaken for candy by the consumer. I have seen shoppers pulling on that roll with such vigor, taking 10-20 bags at a time, to then package up in each bag one bundle of already plastic wrapped bananas, and one plastic wrapped ice berg lettuce head. And most don’t use all bags they pre-pulled, and leave them laying in their cart for the wind to carry off. No thought.

Fortunately, there is a WAY better solution.0603_1900-209x300

Mothering Mother, a company founded by Pelham Resident Sydney McInnes, has tackled just Combined-230x230that problem.  Their cotton reusable bags help to make the commitment to health with reusable produce bags, bulk bags and totes. Shopping with cotton gives a gentle, ongoing reminder to eat well, for your health and the health of the planet. Bag single use plastic habits once and for all!  

Check out their website at MotheringMother.com






Hastings-on-Hudson Board of Trustees Unanimously Approves Plastic Bag and Polystyrene Ban

Hastings-on-Hudson joined other municipalities in Westchester County and around the country to band single-use plastic bags and polystyrene.  As well, starting on June 18, the Hastings Department of Public Works will no longer pick up grass cuttings, and suggests that residents process the cuttings using “grassrecycling” or composting.

Click here to view a pamphlet by Westchester County on what to do with Grass Cuttings:

Congratulations to the Hastings community on these smart decisions to make their environment healthier!