Day 1: Where Does the Garbage Go?

Day 1: Where Does the Garbage Go?  Where is “Away?”

1) Video: Please share with your students this 5 min video about what is garbage:

Discussion topics following video:
– What happens to garbage once it leaves your house?
– What things do you normally put into the garbage? (write on white board) Might some of these things be recyclable? [give examples]
– What are suggestions for swaps?
– Why are reusable containers a good idea?

2) Math: Over 2,500 tons of garbage per day are burnt in Westchester (population 965,000) Average American generates 4 lbs per day. Does Westchester is above or below the national average?
[Answer: 2,500 tons = 5,000,000 lbs
5,000,000lbs / 965,000 people in Westchester = 5.18 lbs per person.
Westchester is above the national average, because we burn 5.18 lbs per person compared to the national average of 4 lbs per person.]

3) ELA  Word Bank:
Waste-to-Energy Facility:
Remaining Ash:

4) Science Activity: Weigh packaging materials (will be supplied by We Future Cycle) until you reach 5.18 lbs (average for Westchester)  Observe how much volume packaging has. 

The bag in the picture below contains about 5 lbs of snack waste from two elementary classes:


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