Day 6: How are Milk Cartons Made?

Day 6: How are Milk Cartons Made?

1) Video: How are milk cartons made? This is a 7 min video showing the steps from tree to filled milk carton, very interesting.

Recap: Cartons are made of paper with a special plastic liner, both the paper and the plastic liner are recyclable. Cartons are pressed into a bail and then go to the pulp mill. There they are ground up (pulped) and new paper products can be made from that pulp.

2) ELA: What are landfills? And why are landfills a problem? What material is found mainly in landfills? (Paper) What material is paper made off? (trees) Is it a lot of work to make a carton? Why?

What is easier….making products out of trees or out of recycled paper pulp?

3) Social Studies: Make your own paper from milk cartons from the lunchroom. Here is a short video to show you.

Think about it : How much work did it take so that you can drink your milk from a carton today. Is there a better way?

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