Recycling in Peru, Sorting Organics Out is Second Nature

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATouching down in Lima, the first thing I saw were the three lovely recycling cans, all right next to each other. One for Plastics, one for Paper and one for Organics. They were everywhere always together and people did use them more or less correctly.

Even in towns you saw two cans next to each other, one for Organics and one for In-Organics.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Way to go



GETTING RESULTS: New Rochelle School District Eliminates Carcinogenic Styrofoam From The Menu

downloadUnder the leadership of Interim Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Korostoff and now  to be continued by New Rochelle’s new Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne, New Rochelle School District is finally eliminating  disposable food trays made from Styrofoam from all of its cafeterias.

Expanded PolyStyrene, also known as “Styrofoam”  contains Styrene and that chemical has been linked to cancer and has been classified in 2011 as “reasonably anticipated human carcinogen” by the US Department of Health.

This is a wonderful development and a major win of the health and well being of our children and the environment over short sighted consideration of the pocket book.

Styrofoam trays remain the cheapest options for school districts to feed their children on, but cheapest is clearly not in the best interest of the children. Actually, it is unconscionable of School Districts to feed children on this material.

Styrofoam trays are only the cheapest because none of the upstream nor downstream costs of this material is considered. The material uses toxic ingredients, has been linked to leaching these materials into the food and drink it comes in contact with, and creates massive amount of garbage that is either landfilled and NEVER goes away, or it is, in the case of Westchester County, incinerated to then release its Styrene into the air (and guess who is breathing that air?).

When it comes to the health and weTraysfrom2schoolsll-being of our children and ultimately of our community…. CHEAP is not the right solution.

New Rochelle School District is also implementing the School Lunch Recycling Program in all of its elementary and middle schools and is paving the way for other large school districts to follow. If a district with 11,000 students can put the health of its students first, so can others. Ultimately, by taking Styrofoam out of the system, and teaching the children to source separate in the buildings and the lunchroom, thus diverting 90% of the materials from trash to recycling, New Rochelle is set to save hundreds of thousands of dollars so far spent on Waste Management.

A Win-Win and WIN situation for the children, environment and ultimately the pocket book. All it takes, is a change of attitude.



GETTING RESULTS: New Rochelle School District boots Business Manager John Quinn


NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The City School District of New Rochelle has fired John Quinn as Assistant Superintendent for Business and Administration in the wake of reports of incompetence and corruption by Talk of the Sound and WeFutureCycle.


The decision, rumored since June, became public today when the District ran an advertisement to replace Quinn in the New York Times (above).

The removal of Quinn is the first step in a process begun under Interim Superintendent Jeffrey Korostoff which is continuing under Dr. Brian G. Osborne to identify and root out corruption, with a focus on areas that were responsible to Quinn which include Buildings & Grounds, Security, IT, Business Office and the Aramark contract.