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Green Fracking? “We don’t have time for that”


In my research about Fracking, I stumbled over this article


When I started introducing Recycling into schools, all I heard over and over was ” we don’t have time for that”, as if it took more time to put the can into the recycling bin versus the trash can.

Thinking long term, and thinking for the better of the people rather then the better pocket book of a few is something that we MUST have time for.

Fracking North Carolina is one step closer to Fracking in New York

I just read the very depressing article about North Carolina fast tracking Pro-Fracking legislation.


Fracking 4I am shivering to think when this topic is coming up in New York again. Astorino has made it clear that he is Pro-Fracking.

And it is not that the dangers of fracking are not known or proven over and over, because even the people that are doing it, practice the NIMBY (not in my back yard).



So, if he doesn’t want it in his backyard, why do we allow ANYBODY to put it in OUR backyard.

Let’s be clear, there is absolutely no way that pumping poison into our environment is controllable or “good for the economy”.