New Rochelle Recycling Club Students Making IEYMS A Greener Place


New Rochelle Isaac Young MS has started the We Future Cycle recycling program in the lunchroom last year and is proudly looking upon a 97% reduction in waste. At the same time, all classrooms were set up with three bins and students are doing an amazing job sorting.

3 times per week students from the recycling club are meeting to help make sure the sorted material stays separated. They walk the hallways with large toters and are emptying the classroom bins. Helping the Earth is something that brought them together and they are feeling good about doing their part.

Monday is the club day where students are learning from We Future Cycle’s Executive Director about the life cycle of materials, the effect of garbage in our environment and fabulous new inventions that help our Earth. Part of this clubs mission is to bring more education through posters and write ups to a larger student population. These students are truly inspirational.



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