Water, Water, Water! New Rochelle Students Learn About Water

Meet the two New Rochelle 7th graders from Ms McCue class that wrote beautiful essays about water. In We Future Cycle presentation students learned where their faucet water comes from, what it takes to clean and get it to that very convenient kitchen faucet.

Current events such as the lead water crisis in Flint MI was discussed and very slowly it dawned on students just what it  all takes to keep civilization going. Just visualizing the mere construction concept of getting the water from the Catskill/Delaware Watershed down to us, to the water treatment plant, onward in huge pipes to underneath our houses to be then transported all within the walls to the individual faucet.

Some students actually turned around to the classroom faucet, with clearly a brand new appreciation for what they had long considered completely normal.

Students learned about average water usages in the US versus other countries and we talked in detail about the marketing scam of bottled water.

Rafael, winner of period 2 wrote a very detailed report. It was clear that he paid attention every second of the presentation. And in addition, there was extensive research that he added. He understood that water is not free and is a resource that we soon will be fighting about.

Leila was the winner of period 5 and she concentrated her report on the bottled water scam and on the resulting garbage problem. She clearly laid out steps of what every one can do to help this problem.

Both students won a certificate, extra credit and an envelope for their work and it was well deserved!




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