Single Use Plastic Bags Cost New Rochelle’s Taxpayers Dearly

Single Use Plastic bags cost the tax payers enormous money because they clog up sewers and litter the environment. New York City has been the front runner for many ground breaking  changes in how residents handle disposables.
Single Use Plastic bags are a major problem for our environment. These bags never decompose, all they do is “photodegrate”, which means they eventually fall apart into tiny little pieces of plastic which are impossible to eliminate. These tiny pieces of plastic create a plastic soup, which has made it into our food chain.
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New York City is proposing legislation to put a 10 cents charge on each Single Use Plastic bag to foster change in consumer behavior. Because to be frank, people tend to change only if it hits their pocket book.
Intro 209-2104 was introduced by the NY City Council today:

This is the petition sent to the Mayor of NYC to support this legislation.
Dear Mayor De Blasio:
I’m writing today to urge you to support Intro 209-2014, which will reduce the use of plastic bags in New York City.
Plastic bags take years to decompose even when disposed of properly. They also harm our creeks, bays and rivers and the animals that live in them, and cause massive amounts of litter on our streets.
Plastic bags are also expensive to taxpayers. It costs New York City $10 million to transport 100,000 bags to landfills each year. This bill would reduce that cost while also protecting our environment.
Cities and communities across the country have implemented similar initiatives with great success. New York should be at the forefront of this movement, and as a member of the New York League of Conservation Voters, I believe that our city should implement a plastic bag fee to deter the use of single-use bags.
Please support a greener, cleaner New York City. Please support Intro 209-2014.
Trust me, this is not only a NYC problem, this is a New Rochelle problem just as much. Please support the NYC bill by joining the petition, once NYC passes legislation like that, it is much easier to bring similar legislation to New Rochelle and Westchester.
Bringing your re-usable bags to the store is not difficult at all, Try it, you might like it.
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