New Rochelle’s Voice Against Fracking

New Rochelle’s citizens and parents, join me and learn about Fracking and its incredibly detrimental effects on our environment, our water and our health!

If your health and your children’s health is worth more to you then the profits of a few handful of executives in the gas industry, please take a moment and click on this link to watch the trailer of the movie.

‘Dear Governor Cuomo”

All of our water is at risk.

Here is some more information about Fracking.

This is not something that “just kind of happens somewhere far away and I am really too busy to be bothered with this”, this is at the source of OUR water shed and this is REAL and RIGHT in front of each and everyone’s door.

Get involved by making just one call or write an email to Governor Cuomo (1-866-584-6799)


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