New Rochelle Students Health Only Important When it Comes Cheap?

I have reported already numerous times on how bad Polystyrene (commonly known as Styrofoam) trays are for our children’s health, our environment and our bottom line.

The material was classified in 2011 by the Department of Health as “reasonably anticipated human carcinogen”.

Yesterday I reported that Mr Quinn was enthusiastic when I shared with him that combined buying power makes “green” trays less expensive then Polystyrene trays. He said he will look into taping into that pricing.

Yesterday I was excited about this progress.

Today I am thinking, is the health of our children only important if it is the cheapest option? Can we really afford to feed our children on reasonably anticipated carcinogenic materials just to save a few pennies. Pennies that we could save BIG TIME if the district revamped their waste management system.

The District has received a grant of 1 million dollars to implement healthier foods for our children,. If one looks at the break down of the usage of that money, most of it goes into instruction, retirement, health benefits and travel.

This grant should go squarely into actually providing healthier foods and most of all, on healthy trays/plates.


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