Construction Debris Recycling Finally Available Locally in New Rochelle


What to do with that large and looming container, filled with construction debris from that bathroom or kitchen renovation? Most home owners, that have work of that sort done, order a container which costs around $550$ to be placed and the cost includes 3 tons of garbage, any additional tonnage is charged at $95 per ton, so very quickly that 20 yard container comes with a price tag of $1000.00 or more. Construction debris removal has always a hefty price tag.

Did you know that Construction debris is also fully recyclable?

I bet you didn’t.

However it is, and right here locally in New Rochelle, at 19 Cliff St, very close to Home Depot.

The company is called Queen City Recycling and the concept is very easy and VERY effective.

Instead of considering all construction debris garbage, Queen City Recycling will sort out all materials that can have a second life.

And let me tell you, most every material can have a second life if it is just sorted out.

Here is a short list to give you an idea

Old driveway asphalt:melted down,reused as asphalt
Concrete debris: ground up,aggregate for street layering
Left over wood: made into wood pellets
Plastics: fully recyclable into new plastic products such as siding etc
Metal: also fully recyclable
Bricks: re-used as architectural building mats, or ground up as aggregate
Plastic sheething: Pet 4, recycled into other plastic materials
Sheetrock :ground up and used as layering of landfills, acts as neutralizer

And you know what is the best thing about Construction Debris Recycling with Queen City Recycling? It is WAY cheaper per ton then just dumping it. So, complete win win situation for you and the environment.


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