Touring SIMS Recycling Plant in Brooklyn, amazing!

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In December of 2013, the SIMS Recycling Plant in Brooklyn started operation. What a cool facility.

This facility does all of NYC curbside commingled recycling and half of its paper.  Right now about 19,000 tons per month. About 2/3 of the daily tonnage comes in by barge from the two transfer stations in the metro area. One in the Bronx and the other in Queens. The rest comes in by truck. unnamed

The recycling plant sorts out glass, metal and all plastics. It is quite something to see the process. 75 jobs have been created thus far, and they are expecting to ad many more as the education department grows as well as tonnage goes up and they can expand production from 10 hrs per day to 16 hrs per day.

The plant is not open for the public yet, but we were allowed on a sneak peak tour. There is an absolutely fabulous education center, about 95% finished, and they are expecting to welcoming many school classes by September.

Transporting materials by barge takes about 240,000 DSNY collection truck miles per year of the road. You do the math when a diesel truck gets about 2.8 miles per gallon.

This facility sports a large Solar installation as well as soon to come a wind turbine. It shows that sustainability and solutions to todays problems can be solved, if one just wants to.


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