How To Recycle Used Binders….. and get paid for them

Terracycle has just partnered up with Staples to take back used binders for recycling and you will get a Staples Store Coupon.

Please go to for more information and for a list of participating Staples.…

If you do not know about Terracycle yet, it is a great company who is collecting materials that are commonly considered garbage and they “upcycle” them into new products.

Check out these fabulous products.…

Some New Rochelle’s schools are collecting materials and are sending them, free of charge, to Terracycle and receive points for them, which can be used either as cash or as contributions to different charities.

A Eastchester school has collected over $1500.00 in Terracycle points in just one school year. A great way to make money while reducing our carbon foot print and teaching our children.


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