New Rochelle School District approves Invoice for 60 (!) hrs of labor to paint a Flag Pole

Dear Board,

I wanted to express my utter disgust at the lack of financial responsibility displayed by the Head of Buildings and Grounds in the Trinity Flag Pole Painting job from November of 2012 as detailed in the New Rochelle talk.

I hope you had all the opportunity to read that expose.

Who can possibly approve 60 man hours of labor to paint a flag pole?

It supposedly took 30 hrs to scrape the pole, another 8 hrs to prime it, and another 16 hrs to finish coat it. And what I love most, it took 6 hrs to clean up afterwards.

And the best, they managed to do all that with only a one day rental for the boom truck. So clearly, during the Trinity Flag Pole Painting Project, the work day was 30 hrs long!

And what is the sense of a purchase order if the invoice is by far exceeding it; and that without any explanation or questions asked?

We are increasing class sizes and are loosing special programs, just so we can pay $4500 to repaint a flag pole? This is absolutely crazy. Continue reading New Rochelle School District approves Invoice for 60 (!) hrs of labor to paint a Flag Pole

New Rochelle Park and Rec. Recycling Practically Non Existent

New York City isball field trash going all out when it comes to Recycling……. but New Rochelle is not following.

Apart from Glen Island park, recycling bins at New Rochelle Parks are non existent. None of the ball fields are sporting recycling cans, none of the playgrounds, none of the tennis courts.

The Source separation law is in effect since the late 80ies and here we are in 2013 and there are still no Recycling cans in sight.

How can we teach our children about recycling if no logistics are provided.

Especially at the ball fields, because, guess what, there are mainly bottles and cans discarded there. I did a survey and found 800 beverage containers per weekend day at the ALMS and Ward Ball fields alone. And no recycling can!

Here is an article on what Central Park is doing, it should be an example to New Rochelle.

Central Park recycling to get an overhaul:

Continue reading New Rochelle Park and Rec. Recycling Practically Non Existent

Coffee Convenience, A Growing Environmental Problem that Costs Us All Dearly

discarded coffee pods

As America’s culture of convenience continues to flourish, single-cup coffee makers have become increasingly popular among coffee drinkers. But beneath those expedient one-cup coffee pods lies a growing environmental problem.

With New Rochelle being a fast paced, suburban environment, it is a prime market for these kind of convenience driven machines.

“These things aren’t readily recyclable, if recyclable at all,” said Darby Hoover, senior resources specialist for the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Anytime you’ve got this kind of small, single-use packaging option, especially when there are clearly alternatives, it just leads me to question why you would promote that system over another that works just as well for many applications.” Continue reading Coffee Convenience, A Growing Environmental Problem that Costs Us All Dearly

How To Recycle Used Binders….. and get paid for them

Terracycle has just partnered up with Staples to take back used binders for recycling and you will get a Staples Store Coupon.

Please go to for more information and for a list of participating Staples.…

If you do not know about Terracycle yet, it is a great company who is collecting materials that are commonly considered garbage and they “upcycle” them into new products.

Check out these fabulous products.…

Some New Rochelle’s schools are collecting materials and are sending them, free of charge, to Terracycle and receive points for them, which can be used either as cash or as contributions to different charities.

A Eastchester school has collected over $1500.00 in Terracycle points in just one school year. A great way to make money while reducing our carbon foot print and teaching our children.

Drowning In Old School supplies…How To Recycle Markers

As I am getting things ready for my kids to go back to school, I am looking at these boxes of used markers.

Each year I faithfully go out and buy new markers as per school supply list. Wouldn’t want my child to be the only one that does not have all new, still in fresh boxes, school supplies, now would I?

Every year I even go through the excercise of testing which markers are still good, but what to do with the bad ones? Are the commingled recycling? Trash?

Now here is finally a way to keep those old markers out of the general waste stream.

Crayola Company in PA together with JBI is turning these markers into fuel.

Shipping is free.

New Rochelle’s Voice Against Fracking

New Rochelle’s citizens and parents, join me and learn about Fracking and its incredibly detrimental effects on our environment, our water and our health!

If your health and your children’s health is worth more to you then the profits of a few handful of executives in the gas industry, please take a moment and click on this link to watch the trailer of the movie.

‘Dear Governor Cuomo”

All of our water is at risk.

Here is some more information about Fracking.

This is not something that “just kind of happens somewhere far away and I am really too busy to be bothered with this”, this is at the source of OUR water shed and this is REAL and RIGHT in front of each and everyone’s door.

Get involved by making just one call or write an email to Governor Cuomo (1-866-584-6799)